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One weakness, which extra SHA does not prevent, is if secretKey were derived from a crummy password [not the case here], C would be valuable to whoever attempted brute-like password guessing, because if a tried password produces C, it is likely that the password is correct & can produce correct A, B. Some people may mention 128bit HMAC is on a weaker side, but I think 128 / 64bit collision resistance is sufficient for my application.

The Zeison Sha were known and established as an independent Force organization as early as 4000 BBY . [3] A major development of Zeison Sha history occurred near the beginning of the New Sith Wars when many friends and families of the Jedi , numbering in the thousands, fled to form a refuge from Sith attacks. The group established a small colony on the harsh Outer Rim world of Yanibar . Once the refuge was established, the colonists expected the Jedi to return for them once the wars had ended. Little did they know that every Jedi with knowledge of the refuge had died in combat, taking the secret of the families and friends with them to their graves. [1] Due to Yanibar's seasonal extremes, most of the original settlers died in the first few years after landing there. [2]

Sha Sha - IndependenceSha Sha - IndependenceSha Sha - IndependenceSha Sha - Independence