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Although no official reissue of this album has been made available on CD ten of the tracks were included on Birth of Brilliance issued by Festival Records in 1994, itself being a reissue of the 1978 double LP on the Infinity label. It was superseded in 1998 by another Festival compilation with the confusingly similar title of Brilliant from Birth which included 63 of their Australian recordings, including all of the songs from Inception/Nostalgia . The song writing credits on the Brilliant from Birth set has some inaccuracies as does the liner notes. [4]

This Is Where I Came In (2001)
Still Waters (1997)
Size Isn't Everything (1993)
High Civilization (1991)
One (1989)
E•S•P (1987)
Living Eyes (1981)
Spirits Having Flown (1979)
Children of the World (1976)
Main Course (1975)
Mr. Natural (1974)
Life in a Tin Can (1973)
To Whom It May Concern (1972)
Trafalgar (1971)
2 Years On (1970)
Cucumber Castle (1970)
Odessa (1969)
Idea (1968)
Horizontal (1968)
Bee Gees' 1st (1967)
Spicks and Specks (1966)
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How Deep Is Your Love (1)
Night Fever (1)
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Bee Gees - UnlockedBee Gees - UnlockedBee Gees - UnlockedBee Gees - Unlocked