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'90s House Classics is a three-disc compilation released by the Germany-based Waako label. As you can probably sense from glancing at the short track listing, this isn't a mixed set. Ten tracks are included on each disc, and they are each provided in full 12" form, so the set is aimed more toward DJs and dance music collectors who don't always need to hear club music within the context of a DJ set. Many of the tracks are nondescript and quite the opposite of being classic on any level, but the set as a whole should help plug some gaps in your collection. Some of the featured inclusions: Gisele Jackson 's "Love Commandments," Frankie Medina 's "Gotta Get Higher," and Michelle Wilson 's "Neverending Source of Love."

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Art G & DJ Medina - The Groove ProjectArt G & DJ Medina - The Groove ProjectArt G & DJ Medina - The Groove ProjectArt G & DJ Medina - The Groove Project